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  1. destroyingpotato

    Suggestion Make custom enchants and secret dust cheaper in the warcoins store.

    As the title suggests i think paying 25-50 warcoins for just 3 enchantment orbs is too much and that paying 5-15 warcoins for secret dust of which you dont even have a guarantee of getting dust is definitely not worth my coins, furthermore if you do successfully get dust then it does not raise...
  2. destroyingpotato

    Solved envoy not starting with 7 people on

    Your IGN:destroyingpotato How to recreate the glitch/bug:have an envoy at 23:33 cet with 7 ppl on. Explain the glitch/bug:it doesnt start Screenshot(s)/other Evidence:
  3. destroyingpotato

    Solved 4 missing mooshroom spawners and a zombie pigman spawner

    Your IGN:destroyingpotato How to recreate the glitch/bug: get 2x mooshroom spawners from tier 3 crate twice and a zombie pigman spawner. Explain the glitch/bug: i didnt get the spawners Screenshot(s)/other Evidence: as you can see i was supposed to get the mooshroom spawner twice and the...
  4. destroyingpotato

    unarmed mcmmo bug

    Your IGN:destroyingpotato How to recreate the glitch/bug: level your unarmed skill to lvl 157 Explain the glitch/bug: the disarm sub-skill which is very important doesn't show up and the iron arm style's damage does not increase past 4. Screenshot(s)/other Evidence: as you can see here my iron...
  5. destroyingpotato

    Moneymaking guide

    Hey everyone! I decided to make a guide containing the fastest ways to make money on the server, i will be splitting the guide in 2 parts, active and passive moneymaking. colors: low profit, medium profit, high profit Active moneymaking: With active moneymaking i mean you need to be online...
  6. destroyingpotato

    Custom enchants Guide

    Hey everyone i've decided to post info on all the custom enchantments ive found until now: I:extreme enchants I:advanced enchants I:basic enchants (Very low):1-10% success rate (Low):10-30% success rate (Medium):30-70% (High):70+% These values were experienced by me and may not be the same for...
  7. destroyingpotato

    Suggestion make afk great again

    please allow afking again as making it against the rules essentially makes spawners useless.

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