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  1. 6u5t4v

    The WARZONE Update

    The WARZONE Update v1/2 The warzone update has FINALLY be published after a month+ since it was first announced. The reason the update has been taking so long to get ready is due to school, other projects, planning errors and other future updates, hopefully the next update will not take as long...
  2. 6u5t4v

    Hot Take - Remove Some Items from the In Game Shop

    The shop doesnt sell fireworks? but I have disabled firework stars :)
  3. 6u5t4v

    Official Guide Warzone Guide

    Warzone Guide If you need help with the NEW warzone features that coming with the grant Warzone Update, then learn more HERE to read everything that came with it. To learn how the new features work then simply read this guide through as we will explain everything that you might wanna know...
  4. 6u5t4v

    Hot Take - Remove Some Items from the In Game Shop

    You are definitely right about there being some items which doesnt fit to a survival server, and I'll happily remove the items from the store, just tell me which ones you think shouldn't be there. I can always just set it back to normal if its needed :)
  5. 6u5t4v

    Suggestion make afk great again

    There are coming more new ways of getting money soon.
  6. 6u5t4v

    Suggestion make afk great again

    Hey destroyingpotato, I have the following options to make afk great again: Remove afk-kicking entirely Allow players to use afk-machines Increase the afk-kick time to 15-20 minutes I want your opinion as I am not playing in survival that much, and I want your guys to have an enjoyable...
  7. 6u5t4v


    Reporting Guide This is the official guid to reporting everything from players, bugs, glitches and other issues. If the report is not follow correctly as shown below, it will be ignored or deleted: Copy the format fitting for your situation. Create a new thread HERE. Name the thread...
  8. 6u5t4v

    Custom Enchants

    I am working as fast as I can, but lately I have been very busy with school, vacation and other projects. I cannot say when they are coming to the server, but it will come with a lot of other new feature. Other information about them are coming with the update :)
  9. 6u5t4v

    New weekly update has been released!

    New weekly update has been released!
  10. 6u5t4v

    Weekly update #2

    Weekly update (Week 41) This past week I have been away from my main computer and have had to work on my laptop, but I have still gotten some work done as you can see with this new website again. This website has lots of features that we didn't have before fx the new forum where we are taking in...
  11. 6u5t4v

    Official Guide Clearlag Guide

    Official Clearlag Guide Many people have been confused over which mobs/items etc gets remove on lag removal, so here is a list of exactly what the clearlag will remove, so I've gone and made one, hope you find this useful. ---------------------------------------------------- Clearlag will not...
  12. 6u5t4v

    Official Guide Official Server Rules

    These are the Official Server Rules: If you are found not following these rules, or having a negative impact on the website, server and/or discord, we have the right to remove you at our own discretion. Listen to staff, and defer to their judgement in vague situations...
  13. 6u5t4v

    Official Guide How to Appeal (read first)

    Appeal to get unbanned/unmuted If you have been banned on Furnesse’s server or discord, this is where you have the chance to appeal your punishment. The purpose of appealing your punishment is to admit your fault and wrongdoings and have your punishment reduced or removed. Ofcause there is also...
  14. 6u5t4v

    Official Guide Staff Application Format

    Application Process Explanation Once your application have been reviewed you will receive a private message from a staff member letting you know the outcome of your application. Have questions about applying? FAQ Thread ----------------------------------------------- Application Format If you...
  15. 6u5t4v

    [Staff Application] Frequently Asked Questions

    Staff application - Frequently Asked Questions This thread aims to answer all the questions that you may have about applying. We decided with a new application format we would update old guides to ensure they gave the most relevant information. Note: All correspondence about application is...
  16. 6u5t4v



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