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Custom enchants Guide


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Hey everyone i've decided to post info on all the custom enchantments ive found until now:
I:extreme enchants
I:advanced enchants
I:basic enchants
(Very low):1-10% success rate

(Low):10-30% success rate
These values were experienced by me and may not be the same for you.
please sen me a discord pm on destroyingpotato#0200 with your own information to add to this guide.

How to get custom enchants?:
Custom enchants can be obtained from enchantment orbs, these can be received by opening rare crates, using warcoins at the war merchant and using the custom enchants "enchantment table" next to the crates location at /market.
Using the first option you will need a rare crate key and some luck to get the enchant since not all rewards from the rare crate are enchants, you can only obtain basic enchants and have a chance to obtain 1, 2 or 3 basic orbs at a time.
for the second option you will need warcoins which can be obtained by mining ores in /warzone and having a rare chance to get impure gems which can be traded for warcoins at the gem merchant at a rate of 81 impure gems per warcoin.
for the third option you need to have either 5000, 10000 or 15000 xp points to get basic advanced and extreme enchantment orbs respectively.

How to apply an enchantment to an item:
After obtaining an enchant orb with one of the methods above you can look at the orbs description to find useful information, the color of the name of the orb represents the rarity of the enchant,
green is basic, yellow is advanced and red is extreme. you can also see on which equipment you are able to apply it on (for example: leggings, helmet, sword, pickaxe, etc.). The description also includes basic information on what the enchant does. You can apply the enchant by picking it up in your inventory with left click, dragging it to the item you want to apply it to and then left clicking it onto the item.

Success rates:
Every enchantment orb has a success and failure rate, it is still unknown if this number is random or unique to the enchantment. if you apply this enchantment orb to an item it has a chance to succeed or fail, if it succeeds then the enchantment will be applied to the item and if it doesn't then the item will be destroyed, therefore it is advised to use a clean item as using it on a valuable item could destroy the item (will not be destroyed if the item is shielded).

Shielding an item from being destroyed:
overlord's essence can be bought at the enchantment table with the other enchant orbs for the small price of 99,999$ (edit:not very small), it can be applied on an item in the same way as an enchantment orb. After applying the overlord's essence to an item it will have ==SHIELDED== in its description, this means the item will not be destroyed upon failure of applying an orb to an item, this will NOT ensure the enchantment is placed on the item because if the orb fails the orb dissapears and the enchantment will not be applied, after the orb has failed the item will not be shielded anymore and a new overlord's essence must be bought before applying an orb to an item for it to be shielded. If an enchantment is applied successfully then the shielded status of the item will be maintained.
There is also an item called the
white paper which can be bought for warcoins, I think it's use is similar to the overlord's essence.

List of custom enchants and what they do:
Aquatic blade V(sword):chance for double damage against nether mobs.(high)
Dual Strike(sword):chance to hit mobs for double the damage(very low)
Etheral(sword):gain haste upon killing a mob(medium)
leech(sword):chance to get saturation while your enemy gets hunger after hitting them.(high).

Reinforced(chestplate): protects against backstabbers(when hit in the back, acts like protection).(low-medium)
obsidian destroyer(pickaxe): chance to break obsidian in one strike(low)
tainted web(sword):chance to slow your enemies(low)
Shockwave(leggings): knock back all enemies when close to dying.(high)
Blast(sword):chance to kill mobs in a single hit.(high)
Ice Aspect(axe):freeze your enemies in place.(low-medium)
infernal(helmet):summon a swarm of pigmen(low-medium)

Reflect(armor): chance to reflect damage upon hit.(low)
blinding strike(sword):chance to blind your enemies on hit.(medium)
crippling swing(axe):chance to give your enemy mining fatigue on hit.(medium)
Radiate(helm): permanent night vision.(very low)
demise(sword): deals more damage the closer your opponent is to dying.(low)
elemental shot(bow): chance to strike lightning on hit.(very low)
vitalize(armor): chance to give strength, speed.(no idea how to activate tho)(low)
Demonic(helmet):removes fire resistance from opponents.

I will update this thread when i get more enchants and hope an official thread with all information is released soon. Though it may be a good idea to make the community find out by themselves anyways i just posted this so it could be helpful to other ppl.

If you want to view enchants in game, simply do /enchants or /whatis <enchantment>
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the guide has now been updated with alot of detailed information for newcomers to the server, if you have any more questions message me on discord.

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