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Moneymaking guide


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Hey everyone!
I decided to make a guide containing the fastest ways to make money on the server, i will be splitting the guide in 2 parts, active and passive moneymaking.

low profit, medium profit, high profit

Active moneymaking:
With active moneymaking i mean you need to be online doing something instead of being afk.
Fishing: I mean, if you want to tame cats, sure fishing is great, but for money just don't right now it's a waste of time and mcmmo and breaking fishing rods makes afking it impossible. avg income: don't bother with fishing.
[2]:mining warzone ores: mining warzone ores is very profitable but you would need to be active all the time to earn money. to do this brew a speed 2 potion or 8min speed 1 potion and run around with an efficiency V diamond (or iron i don't discriminate) pickaxe. avg income: more than 50.000$ per hour.
[3]:doing quests: quests are a great way of making money and exp points though they sometimes require a bit of effort on your side they are usually very profitable. open the quest menu with /quest and i recommend finishing all the nightmare quests first as it gives good gear and money. comment down below if you would like a guide on the nightmare quests. the quests are profitable but only doable every 2 days (excluding the nightmare quests which can only be done once). avg income: [depends on quests]
[4]:going to warzone for supply drops: there are rarely enough players online to do envoys, but when there are this is by far the most profitable, always go for envoys as they have a chance to give spawners and money and envoy event starts every 2 hours but only when 5 people are online. avg income: [depends on drops opened and luck]
[5]:farming and harvesting: crops on the server doesn't earn much unless you trade them to a villager for emeralds and then sell them further in the guide there will be another method for farming that is more profitable.

Passive moneymaking:
skeleton, zombie and spider spawner: these spawners are not very profitable but have other benefits like arrows and bows dropping for the skeleton spawner and carrots/potatoes from the zombie, the sell prices for their drops are awfully low at 0.5$ per bone/rotten flesh but string is a bit better.
[2]:afk villager farm: this farm is not a villager breeding farm but a villager bone meal farm for crops, since the villagers occupying the plot will be farmers you will be able to sell your crops to them automatically, this is not that profitable but its always running in the background so it can make you a penny. avg income:10.000$ per hour depending on time of day as villagers dont work at night.
[3]: Iron golem spawner: an iron golem spawner is by far the best for making money but it's also the most expensive spawner, the iron golem spawner gives you iron which can be used and sold. avg income: a lot, i don't have the money to get one.
[4]: rabbit, pig and chicken spawner: these spawners are more profitable than the previous one as each raw meat drop sells for 5$ which is 10 times more than the skeleton and zombie spawner on top of that the rabbit drops it's hide and the chicken can drop eggs which can also be sold these are not as profitable as cow and sheep spawners though. avg income: 20.000$ per hour with 8 spawners running.
[5]: cow and sheep spawner: out of the 2 the cow spawner is more profitable. the raw meat has the same sell price as the other animal spawners but sheep and cows drop extra items like wool and leather, wool sells for 1$ a piece which is already more than zombies and skeleton spawners and leather sells for 2.5$ a piece. avg income: 30.000$ per hour with 8 spawners. i will link a guide to make an afk farm but if you want to know how to make it profitable specificly on furnesse you will need to see my design which is slightly edited as cooked beef and mutton does not sell for as much as their raw counterparts.

the average income as stated behind every method was personally experienced by me and may differ.

cow farm, should be edited to use a hopper minecart and magma blocks (or wither roses) so raw meat drops:
Link cow spawner/sheep spawner afk farm this design worked for me.
villager afk farm: link for automatic villager crop farm, you should also have a skeleton farm to get bone meal otherwise there are bone meal-less designs but this one worked the best for me.
i hope this guide makes you lots of money and i'll see you on the server!

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