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These are the Official Server Rules:

If you are found not following these rules, or having a negative impact on the website, server and/or discord, we have the right to remove you at our own discretion.
Listen to staff, and defer to their judgement in vague situations.


  • Be a (generally) respectful and good person.
  • Do not impersonate staff/another player.
  • Do not lie or be deceitful.
  • Do not share inappropriate content/links in any chat.
  • Do not discuss provocative topics, such as Religion, Politics, etc.
  • Do not dox (Share personal/private information regarding another to others)
  • Do not harass or discriminate another.
  • Do not use excessive cussing.
  • Do not advertise things unrelated to the server.
  • Griefing is allowed outside claimed areas.
  • Griefing in a claim that you have been trusted in is not allowed, and will exceed in an instant perm ban.
  • Be appropriate in chats.
  • Do not spam or use excessive caps.
  • Only speak English in Global chats.
  • No inappropriate nicknames, skins, profile photos, or usernames.
  • No inappropriate builds.
  • Do not advertise other servers.
  • No ALT - Accounts. You may only use one account per person. If you’re found to be using multiple for abusive purposes, or evading bans, you will be banned immediately.
  • No Hacking, Exploiting, Cheating.
  • Do not X-Ray or use other un-approved mods. If you’re unsure of a mod, consult staff for review before use.
  • Do not exploit glitches (If you find one, report it to staff immediately).
  • Do not scam in trades, auctions, and/or other transactions.
  • No Trap/TP/Spawn killing players.
  • AFK pools is not allowed
Approved Mods;
  • Minimaps (cave finders are NOT allowed)
  • Optifine
  • Shaders
  • Macro's are allowed unless they are used to grind Jobs, Money and/or MCMMO in any way. (Meaning you can use them for chat messages, Teleport shortcuts, auto placing signs. etc)
  • Inventory & Mouse tweaks mod.
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