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Warzone Guide

If you need help with the NEW warzone features that coming with the grant Warzone Update, then learn more HERE to read everything that came with it. To learn how the new features work then simply read this guide through as we will explain everything that you might wanna know.

When there is an underline under a word means it has its own section where you can learn more about that specific feature.


Along with the warzone update it is only fitting if the server also have an actually warzone instead of our previous warzone:


The warzone is ~1000x1000, this might be too big according to someone, but it does the job. Around the warzone random boulders have made which contains Warzone ores.


New way of making money
When you enter the NEW warzone map using /warzone. Here you will notice alot of boulders spread through out the map, these boulders will be containing different ores, these ores are called warzone ores as they will be dropping custom drops you can read more about these in the section called Warzone Ores. When mining a warzone ore you will receive an Impure item. Impure items can later be exchanged at the
War Merchant into a Pure item, which can be sold for an x amount of money.

Warzone Ores
Warzone ores are ore scattered randomly inside the boulder around the warzone. Each warzone ore drops an impure items and an Impure Gem if you are lucky. that can be exchanged at the War Merchant, each ore has a chance of dropping an Impure Gem.


When a warzone ore have been mined it will turned into a bedrock to disallow players to keep mining the same block, this block will respawn again after a specific amount of time.

Each warzone ore have a given lucky drop chance and a respawn time which you can see here:

warzoneores stats.PNG

Impure & Pure Items
Impure items are raw material receive when mining Warzone Ores. You can exchange 9x Impure to 1x Pure, which you later can sell for an x amount a ign at the War Merchant.

You receive Impure Gems as a lucky reward when mining warzone ores. At this point in time you can only use Impure Gem to exchange into Pure Gems. Pure Gems are used to get Warcoins


If you dont want to spend your rl money on our store, but you still want a rank you can spend a few hours grinding these coins which you can buy ranks, custom items, ig-money, custom enchants and more.

Get 1x warcoins by exchanging 9x Pure Gem at the War Merchant

More warzone events coming soon.​


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