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Weekly update #2


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Weekly update (Week 41)
This past week I have been away from my main computer and have had to work on my laptop, but I have still gotten some work done as you can see with this new website again. This website has lots of features that we didn't have before fx the new forum where we are taking in staff applications again and the players have a place to share there experience on the server. We will also be making guides for you guys since the server has alot of features and will get many more in the future click HERE to see the current guides. As you probably also have noticed is our new logo custom made for this community :O

This week's updates

First of all these updates came out of no where as it wasn't mention in any way bu anyone. I just felt like the server needed a little update and while I wasn't happy with the current crates- and envoy rewards, this was what I came up with, hopefully you have enjoyed it for now.

100+ NEW crate rewards along with one new crate, the basic crate which is just a replacement for the vote crate, you will still be getting a crate key when voting, but instead of being a vote crate key it is now a basic crate key.

Along with the new crates also came this new crates area (sorry for crappy quality)

3 NEW supplydrop crates better known as envoy which is an event that happens every 2 hours when a minimum of 5 players is online where it will drop crates in the /warzone instead of there just being one type of drop, there is now 3 tiers (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3) Ofcause Tier 2 drops are better than Tier 1 and the same with Tier 2 and Tier 3. There is over 300+ rewards you can get :O

I also want to mention it has been pointed out that there are some spelling and grammatical mistakes in my english, hopefully its still making sence, otherwise just deal with the raw material xD. CYA NEXT WEEK.

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