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Going offline

Furnesse shutting down

as of 9th january 2020 Furnesse minecraft server be shutdown, the reason the server will close is because there is an unclear theme since the server has changed so much since it opened, and with the release of 1.15 there is just too much to be changed. Development for the future of Furnesse has started, and will hopefully reopen to the summer of 2020, where we'll come back strong with new features and alot more too offer.

Make sure to join our discord HERE to follow along as we will be posting small previews of new features that can be found on the new server, as this website will be unavailable aswell.

Everyone who have bought a rank from our store will be receiving a voucher with similar pricing, when we relaunch the server.



This is not an update introducing many new cool features such as the previous, however it adds makeovers for the menus/guis in game. This update comes with a much needed new quests system, as the last quests system was very unstable and spammed the console with errors while causing the quests to not work at all.


Updated Stuff

+ NEW HELP MENU: that is going in depth in almost each aspect of the server, so if you need help I suggest starting with checking that (/help)


+ NEW INDEPTH MCMMO MENU: view your level for each skill just by holding your cursor over the skill you want to see, this menu is also for newer players that are not as familiar to mcmmo. (/mcmmo)


+ NEW JOBS MENU: which have just gotten a makeover to make it not look as borring. (/jobs browse)


+ NEW WARPS MENU: no more having to type /warp <warp>, now you just have to click the warp you wanna go to, each warp has a description to help new players. (/swarps)


+ PLAYER WARPS: the long waited player warps, letting players make their own warps. (this menu needs some work) (/pwarp)

+ CLUE SCROLLS: Since our last quest plugin, turned out to be very unstable, we made the decision to change to a new system. Learn more ingame (/help quests) a guide is coming soon. Visit the Quest Giver in shopping area (/quests)

If you cant complete a certain clue you can choose to purchase a clue skipper on our STORE or win it as a reward when completing clues.​

The WARZONE Update

The WARZONE Update v1/2
The warzone update has FINALLY be published after a month+ since it was first announced. The reason the update has been taking so long to get ready is due to school, other projects, planning errors and other future updates, hopefully the next update will not take as long to get published, but only time will tell. The plugin making most of these features is personally made by me(6u5t4v).
New features with this update
  • New warzone map
  • Impure & Pure minerals
  • Warcoins
  • War Merchant
  • Gem Merchant
  • Enchantment orbs (custom enchantments)
To get started with the new warzone mechanics you can check them out here:
More guides to this update coming soon.

  • All items despawned on clear lag (this got fixed a few weeks ago, but it is a part of the warzone update)
    read more here:
  • Player couldn't use chestshops
  • Some help categories didnt work
  • /msg didnt work
  • All Mobs being neutral
  • Rank sync to discord should work again
  • New warzone map
  • Enchantment orbs
  • Spawn eggs to the store
  • New Warzone Mechanic
    Read more here:
  • Warcoins
  • Added a preview of your warcoins to the scoreboard
  • New message layout, now showing which world the player is in.
  • War Merchant
  • Gem Merchant
  • Warzoneshop
  • Custom items, that can be applied to tools, weapon and armor.
  • /apply, /forum,/youtube(yt),/host,/discord etc see /links for all.
  • Removed rank showing on scoreboard

Weekly update #2

Weekly update (Week 41)
This past week I have been away from my main computer and have had to work on my laptop, but I have still gotten some work done as you can see with this new website again. This website has lots of features that we didn't have before fx the new forum where we are taking in staff applications again and the players have a place to share there experience on the server. We will also be making guides for you guys since the server has alot of features and will get many more in the future click HERE to see the current guides. As you probably also have noticed is our new logo custom made for this community :O

This week's updates

First of all these updates came out of no where as it wasn't mention in any way bu anyone. I just felt like the server needed a little update and while I wasn't happy with the current crates- and envoy rewards, this was what I came up with, hopefully you have enjoyed it for now.

100+ NEW crate rewards along with one new crate, the basic crate which is just a replacement for the vote crate, you will still be getting a crate key when voting, but instead of being a vote crate key it is now a basic crate key.

Along with the new crates also came this new crates area (sorry for crappy quality)

3 NEW supplydrop crates better known as envoy which is an event that happens every 2 hours when a minimum of 5 players is online where it will drop crates in the /warzone instead of there just being one type of drop, there is now 3 tiers (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3) Ofcause Tier 2 drops are better than Tier 1 and the same with Tier 2 and Tier 3. There is over 300+ rewards you can get :O

I also want to mention it has been pointed out that there are some spelling and grammatical mistakes in my english, hopefully its still making sence, otherwise just deal with the raw material xD. CYA NEXT WEEK.

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